Travel jabs

2015-08-13 18.07.45

One of our pre-trip to do list tasks this week was getting vaccinations sorted.  I’ve just had mine done, so I’m currently covered in tiny plasters.  I had boosters for Typhoid, Tetanus, Diptheria and Polio, Hep B, and Rabies.  Handily I only needed boosters because I’d had enough of all of them before.  So now I should be covered for 10 years.  Apparently I didn’t need Hep A because it lasts 20 years.  Arthur’s getting the same, but as he hasn’t had the rabies vaccination before he needs a full course of three jabs, which is something like £170.  The booster was £50ish I think.  We also had to pay for Hep B boosters, the rest were free.

The nurse also suggested we get Japanese Encephalitis, but it’s £200 each, so we decided against it.  From what I can find online it seems to be extremely rare, and we’ll be taking precautions against mosquito bites anyway (don’t want to get Dengue).  It’s transmitted in mosquito bites mainly in areas where there are rice paddies and pigs are kept.  We’ll just have to be particularly vigilant if we see any pigs wallowing in rice paddies…

Final thing to sort medicine wise is antimalarials.  We’ll be in a malaria risk area for three months or more, so I don’t think we’ll use Malarone as I have on previous trips.  Malarone would be about £200 each for that length of time, whereas doxycycline is about £65 each, so I think we’ll go for that.  It does have some side effects, mainly the risk of skin sensitivity, so we’ll need to be particularly careful in the sun.  We’re avoiding Larium because of the possibility of psychological side effects.  I’m not sure how likely these side effects are, but we’ve both had problems with depression in the past, so have been advised against using it.

It’s feeling a little like we’ll be spending our whole trip popping pills and applying sun cream and insect repellent at the moment!  I’m sure this stuff will fade into the background once we’re on our way.  Exciting times!