Big news this month is that we spent almost half of it in one place, for the first time since April!  We’ve been doing a lot of hanging out with family and general normal stuff, as well as a few short trips and days out.

Slowing down and spending an extended period of time in one place has been great (mental wobbling aside), and it’s made me really think about how we want to travel as we continue on this trip.  I got the idea of deliberately spending a month in each place from a fellow blogger, and right now that sounds very appealing — digging a bit deeper into places, as well as retaining some aspects of routine, and avoiding burnout.

Something to think about anyway.

But couple of days ago we sorted out our next step in our travels, so it’s on the road again today!  More on this below.

Where have we been?

7 days roadtripping from Byron Bay to Perth

So as I hurriedly explained at the end of last month, we got a very last minute campervan relocation from Brisbane to Perth.  Driving nearly 5000 km in 8 days was pretty full on, not to mention terrible for the planet.  But, wow Australia is beautiful in the spring time.  We saw wildflowers, waterfalls, wallabies, floods, and then a whole lot of desert.  And Australia’s oldest working brothel.  Fun times.

13 days in Perth and Fremantle

Apart from lots of chilling out, being vaguely sociable, and plenty of life admin, we checked out some museums and galleries, went to the beach, saw a basketball game… you know, normal stuff.  I even went to the swimming pool again.  It’s basically like I have a fitness regime.

3 days hiking the Bibbulman track

I’d never heard of this walking trail before, but it’s great.  About 1000 km round the south west corner of Australia, through forests and along the coast.  We hiked about 50 km, and it was stunning.  Again, wildflowers, wildlife.  Beautiful.

4 days roadtripping to Kalbarri

More brilliant scenery to the north of Perth, where it’s already getting pretty hot. This was proper textbook Australian landscape, with layered rocks that haven’t moved for millions of years, and slow green rivers flowing through hot dry valleys.  Beautiful, again.

4 days roadtripping to Margaret River

Guess what, beautiful scenery again.  This time south of Perth in the wine regions, with plenty of beaches, forests, foodie treats and breweries to explore.  And boutique gin!

On the blog in October…

Reflecting on the trip so far, in One year travelling round the world.  This was a popular one too, and really fun to write.  It’s nice to look back on a year of travel and get some perspective on everything we’ve experienced.

A lesson in expectation management upon our arrival in China.  This post felt necessary as a bit of an explanation for my feelings on China, which I’m beginning to talk about as I share some posts on our time there.  Suffice to say they’re somewhat mixed.

This next one was tricky.  I had a bit of a mental dip this month, and needed some time to get my thoughts sorted out.  Consequently I couldn’t muster anything to say about our travels for a while, so I wrote about the experience of slowing down and recognising these thoughts instead, in On routine.  Not really sure if this was a brilliant idea, but thank you all for not telling me I’m a raving narcissist.

Imperial Beijing: back in the trip writing saddle with tales of waltzers, phlegm, bare arsed toddlers and Mao, in World Heritage Beijing.

What’s next?

In a pleasing bit of symmetry, we’re starting this month by setting off on a roadtrip back east from Perth, just as we began our trip west at the start of last month.  This time we’ve got company though — we’re sharing a car relocation with a few other travellers.  Plus we’ve also got a bit more time to see the sights, so we’re really excited about this one.  Lots of camping under the spectacular outback stars to look forward to.

We expect to arrive in Melbourne on Friday the 11th of November, then we’ll head on to Sydney and the surrounds, before looping back to Melbourne to catch up with some friends.

Got any travel plans for November yourself?  We love to hear you comments!

If you missed out on the previous updates you can find September here and August here.


4 thoughts on “October Update: On the road again

  1. Hi Kirstie, Esther and I are so thrilled that our month-at-a-time travel lifestyle and blog have been an inspiration to you and Arthur. We are so happy that we could hug a rock! Have a wonderful, slower, and more relaxed trip back east.

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