September has been a strange month for us. We left Asia after more than ten months of wandering, and in some ways it was not with a bang but with a whimper. We were loath to take the first flight of our now nearly year long trip, and doing so lent a weird disconnected feel to our last few days on Asian soil. I’ve become so used to the gradual, comprehensible slide from one place to another than overland travel creates. To hop from Hanoi to Hong Kong in less than two hours left me with a sense of not really being here and now, and of my presence being temporary. Just an interlude in my real life.

The flight itself was all very easy, though I was surprised to be really quite afraid. I’m very out of practice with flying, and the learned nonchalance I used to posess has clearly worn off.

Anyway. That happened.

We’re coming up for a year on the road in a few days, so making it this far without flying isn’t all so bad. We did our best.

As well as failing at the fundamental purpose of our trip (LOL jk), this month I joined twitter, and we set a facebook page up for the blog. It’s all part of our plan for world domination, one overlong rant about Chinese bureaucracy at a time.

So now you can follow us EVERYWHERE, kind of like a stalker. You’re welcome.

(The facebook page is where we’ll be sharing new posts, so you can like the page if you want to be alerted.

Where have we been?

11 days in Hanoi

I don’t want to talk about this any more! Hanoi is a great city, if you have to get stuck somewhere it’s a good candidate. Oh the coffee. And the bia hoi! Every cloud…

3 days in Hong Kong

Most of our time in Hong Kong was spent rushing about making preparations for our long boat trip to Aus, but we still managed to have some fun. We went back to the excellent Hong Kong History Museum for a third time, and finally saw the section on Hong Kong in the 20th Century. We also ate some fantastic dumplings, lots of sandwiches (eating out is relatively expensive in Hong Kong), and went for an evening swim at the Kowloon park open air pool, which has skyline views and costs less than £2.

12 days at Sea

Our cargo ship voyage was a spectacular, strange, interesting, and peaceful experience. So much to say about this – we crossed the real life doldrums, saw some spectacular scenery, and realised that the sea is really really big. The most interesting aspect in a way was being lent a view into the lives of the crew, and what it’s like living at sea away from family and friends for up to nine months a year. Much more to come on this whole experience.

4 days in Australia

We arrived in Brisbane a couple of days ago, had just begun to catch our breath, and were wondering how the heck to get to Perth to visit family. The only public transport is an exceedingly expensive (several thousand dollars) tourist train, or buses round the top end via Darwin (over 6000 kilometres, and close to a thousand dollars each).

We’d temporarily given up and gone for a walk in the park, when we got an email — parks have wifi here — offering us a campervan relocation from Brisbane to Perth (this is a deal where a rental company wants a vehicle moving, so you drive it for free). We’d been keeping an eye on relocation offers online, and we’d never seen one going to Perth, so we jumped on it. Consequently we had to leave the next morning. We set off yesterday afternoon – by the time you read this we’ll be somewhere in outback New South Wales. Should be another great adventure!

On the blog in September…

It’s been a slow month this month — spending 12 days on the open seas’ll do that to ya. But I had ample writing time on the ship, so there’s plenty in the works for the next couple of months.

Why we don’t fly, and why it’s hard to talk about it quickly became by far the most read post I’ve written.  I guess this subject is interesting to people.  Anything else you’d like to hear about this?  I’ve got a few ideas, but I’d rather hear yours!

Tomorrow’s the day! Excitement on the eve of our cargo ship voyage.

For all the tea in China — the aforementioned rant on Chinese bureaucracy. I was so mad.

What’s next?

We’ll spend October road tripping and visiting folks across Australia. Getting to Perth is the first step, then we expect to do some exploring in Western Australia, before making our way back east again. No word yet on how we’re going to get to New Zealand without flying, but it looks like we’ll be doing this sometime in November. Fingers still crossed on this one!

How about you? Any travel planned for October? We’d love to hear about it!


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