Exciting news! We are boarding our cargo ship first thing tomorrow morning, so we’re off to Australia! Aaaaaaah!

I’m writing sat out on the terrace at our hostel for tonight, the YHA Jockey Club Mount Davis, which has a spectacular view of the harbour, outlying islands, and the Hong Kong skyline. We’re having one of those moments that travel is all about. Everything seems well with the world, we have a spectacular view, each other, and impending adventure. And beer.


We’re looking out for our ship, which should be berthing in Hong Kong at 22.30, about four hours time. We were on tenterhooks today waiting to hear if we’d board tomorrow, and at quarter past three the email came. At 9 o’clock tomorrow morning we’ll be picked up and whisked off to the port, which we can see from up here on our terrace beer-drinking lookout.


The ship should be leaving tomorrow at 18.00, after which we’ll be at sea for 11 days of adventure. We’re really excited about this next bit of our trip, it’s definitely going to be a new experience for us. So many things to discover!

As well as getting to see the so far unknown to us, and therefore fascinating, workings of a working ship, we’ll have plenty of down time for a change. Hours and hours of reading, napping, staring at the sea, catching up on photo sorting, writing and other bits and bobs await us. Bliss.

We’ll be offline of course, but you can track the ship to see where we are on this website. It’s a bit tempestuous, but certainly works when the vessel is close to shore. (Listen to me and my ship vocab. I have no idea what I’m talking about.)

So after ten months and eleven countries1, tomorrow morning it’s goodbye to Asia for us.

It’s been a blast. See you on the other side!

Any questions about life on a cargo ship? Ask away in the comments and we’ll let you know when we’re back on dry land!

1 Thirteen if you count Hong Kong and Macau separately!


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