Keeping the blog up to date with our actual progress round the world has turned out to be nigh on impossible while we’re on the road.  So in lieu of suddenly finding thirty extra hours in the week, I hereby inaugurate the saltwithyourcoffee monthly update.

Drumroll please.

We’ve spent most of August travelling slowly in Malaysia, as we tried to sort out our next big adventure: getting to Australia by boat.

And we’ve done it!

We are sailing to Brisbane on September the 14th on the Aglaia, from Hong Kong.  Yep, Hong Kong.  Yep, in 14 days time.  On a cargo ship!  Aaah!

You may remember we tried to go on a cruise to Australia, but then realised this was even worse for the planet than flying, and changed our minds.  Long story short, we tried to hitch on a yacht but we weren’t getting anywhere, and were beginning to get desperate.  So I contacted cargo ship travel companies again.  It was a long shot, since they advise booking three to six months in advance.

Turns out all passenger routes from Singapore to Australia have been discontinued.  Bummer.  So our only option was to go from Hong Kong.  But there was a cabin for us in three weeks!  We grabbed it.

On the road to Hong Kong

This meant we had to get ourselves to Hong Kong sharpish.  We squeezed in a few days in Singapore first, we couldn’t miss it.  Then we set off north.  As I write we have taken three buses and three trains, plus a collection of pickups and tuk tuks, and made it all the way to Hanoi.  We arrived here just over five days after leaving Singapore.  A journey that took us just over seven months on the way down.

Sounds crazy, right.  But I’ve done my sums, and doing 4000 kilometres back to Hong Kong by bus and train, then sailing to Brisbane, is a heck of a lot greener than flying 1700 km from Bali to Darwin, the shortest hop we could have managed on a plane.  That’s crazy. 

And, we get to travel by cargo ship!  I am bizarrely excited about this.

We joined instagram

In other news, salthwithyourcoffee is now on instagram.  I don’t really know how this works, but it’s another bid to bring you some more up to date news on our current whereabouts.  Arthur is doing most of our instagramming.  Please be our friend follow us!

Now is also a good time to mention that you can always check our current whereabouts on any page of the blog, in the sidebar on the left of the desktop site.  We try to keep the Where are Kirstie and Arthur? map up to date with our current location as much as possible.

Where have we been?

21 days in Malaysia

Having a beach break on the Perhentian islands.  Coffee, food and more coffee in Ipoh.  Hiking, scones and cool nights in the Cameron Highlands.  Old-time atmosphere in Malacca.

3 days in Singapore

Museums, parks, architecture, and stuffing ourselves with biryani in Little India.

4 days travelling through Thailand and Laos

Coconut ice cream, comfy Thai night trains, spectacular scenery, the return of beer Laos.

3 days in Vietnam

Back in Hanoi for drip coffee, motorbike chaos, low rise charm and top notch noodle soup.

New on the blog in August…

Mulling over the impact of travel in Should I visit North Korea?

Our trip to the DMZ: Korea meets Korea

A how-to on visitIng the Korean DMZ: Which DMZ tour?

How to get from Seoul to Beijing without flying

Impressions from our journey on the Yellow Sea: Korea to China by boat

Where next?

We’d hoped that the next two weeks would be spent exploring Yunnan, a part of China that we skipped when we were there back in January, because of bad weather and China fatigue.

Alas, Chinese bureaucracy has got the better of us, and it’s unlikely we’ll get a visa in time to do this.  Instead we plan to relax in Hanoi, experience the military parades on Vietnamese National Day, catch up on travel and blog admin, and consume as much Vietnamese food and coffee as humanly possible.

On the 10th of September we’ll be heading down for a few days in Guangzhou and Hong Kong.  We’re looking forward to returning to these two, we really enjoyed them the first time round.

This is Hong Kong.  Not quite what you expect right?  Lantau island has some beautiful hiking.

We should be boarding our boat in Hong Kong on the 14th, and arriving in Brisbane on or around the 25th of September.  After that we plan to travel overland to Perth to visit Henry and Lauren, Arthur’s brother and sister-in-law.  (Really looking forward to seeing you two!)  Then on to Sydney for more social calls, and hopefully a boat to New Zealand.  Fingers crossed on this one.

How was your month?  Any plans for September?  We’d love to hear what you’re up to!


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