Climate change just opened a gateway to the underworld in Siberia

Absurd headlines notwithstanding, it’s saddening to read about such an visible sign that our climate is changing, in the most pristine part of the world we’ve visited on our trip.

The forest around Lake Baikal (a long way south of the region in the article) reeled me in.  I’ve never been somewhere so big before.  It’s genuinely breathtaking, looking out at huge mountain ranges you’ve never heard of, marching off into the distance.  On a map the near-wilderness looks limitless on a human scale, but clearly its limits are being tested with so many humans sharing the atmosphere.  I left Siberia plotting to come back, perhaps for a few months, to really appreciate the vast swathe of nature north of the Trans-Siberian railway.

It’s likely to be years before I see Siberia again, here’s hoping there’s something to come back to.

We don’t have to do this to the world, let’s keep trying not to!


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